Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Muck


A very long holiday is coming~~~~~

Honestly, I still have two subjects to hit! But I don't care :D Holiday oh holiday I miss you so much!

Well, my mind is saying to me that it'll be very nice holiday. Unfortunately, my brain keep repeating the truth that I still have a lot of things to do although it will be my holiday, spending a lot of time to go to beach playing with waves, or hiking some mountains, or travelling around the world... But once again, my brain is still repeating that the truth is I will be laying on my bed until midnight and writing and writing and writinggg.... Or I will get up and try to fix my computer (It got malware few days ago, and I [still] could not solve it!!!), or I'll do all the things like that.

Hmm, saying about my computer, I remembered that I wanna write about the malware. It called cerber ransomware actually. Trust me, the malware was very terrific! Well, it's not cool anymore tbh -___- I HATE YOU PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS MALWARE!!!!!!! I truly depressed because of this malware. It was more wonderful that the malware got my pc at the very perfect time! On a month which I had a lot of duties and the very beautiful final tests to hit! Zzz.......

Okay. This writing may look like a muck. But once again, I don't care :p
Well, see you at the next writing ^_^

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Tri Annis said...

haloooo zika

Tri Annis said...

hai aku sudah komen icihuy

Maya Zika said...

Terimakasih sudah berkomentar @Tri Annis (sekawanan gengsterku) wkwkwkw :p

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